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Committed to your future. Committed to your success.

Our programs prepare students to enter professional careers—careers that depend on advanced knowledge and skills with opportunities for lifelong growth.

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International and multicultural by design.

With programs in Mexico City, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Alliant continues to be a leader in global education.

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More than an education, a competitive advantage.

A network of successful alumni: Our 45,000+ alumni include prominent psychologists, business leaders, educators and public leaders.

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We dont talk diversity. We are founded on it.

Alliant has a profound commitment to cultural diversity in our educational programs and in our outreach to communities.



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previous next The Alliant Family of Schools California School of Professional Psychology [CSPP]

Prepare to make a difference as a behavioral science professional with the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University. Since 1969, our students have engaged in rigorous scholarship and hands-on experience to ready themselves for a wide variety of careers in psychology and the behavioral sciences that serve individuals, families and groups from many communities, cultures and even countries.